Artesol Network


This Network’s objective is to develop a specific website allowing direct contact with associations, cooperatives, masters, artisans and their commercial partners, i.e., agents belonging to the productive chain of traditional craftwork, many of whom have participated in activities developed by ArteSol since 1998. A key objective of this initiative has been to strengthen the autonomy of the artisans in selling their products and advise them on how to deal with market economy in line with fair trade principles.

Although ArteSol continues to implement this approach with communities more recently included in its programs, the creation of a Network became the main goal of this organization since 2012.

In the near future, the Network gradually aims to include stores, support institutions and government programs through a communication plan that provides ready access to information and contacts. This is not a sales site; rather, its objective is to become an effective networking tool for the development of traditional craftwork in Brazil. This initiative has produced very positive results, encouraging us to continue to work in this direction.

By Antonio A. Arantes | Member of the Board of Directors of ArteSol – Artesanato Solidário, Brazil
Translation by David Rodgers

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