Viola de Cocho instruments in Corumbá and Ladário (Mato Grosso do Sul state)

The Project Viola de Cocho Pantaneira begun in February 2002 and ArteSol supported various workshops with the aim of transmitting this knowledge from local masters to the local youth. It also promoted the cultural technique through ethnographic research and documentation, to generate knowledge about the handicraft and its technique; and publications and exhibitions of the Viola de Cocho instruments in Corumbá and Ladário.
Viola de cocho is musical instrument played in the cururu and  siriri folk dances, at  regional popular festivals, with singular music, poetry and choreography. These instruments are hand made by knowledgeble artisans: the cururueiros who keep this traditional art and teach whoever wants to learn it.
Its name comes from its carving technique; the artisans work this instrument by hand ,from a whole piece of wood. Every viola-de-cocho is unique.
This handicraft was registered for its way of producing, in the Book of Knowledge, by the  The National Institute of Historic and Artistic Heritage (IPHAN), in January 2005.

Partnerships of the project:

Funding partner: Petrobras

Supporters: Ministry of Culture / FUNARTE, National Folklore and Popular Culture Center/IPHAN, Edson Carneiro Folklore Museum, SEBRAE/MS, Municipality of Ladario, Meio Ambiente Pantanal Instituiton –IMAP, Federal University of Mato Grosso do Sul.

 Photo: Mr. Severino Dias de Moura – master handcrafter of Viola-de-Cocho



By Antonio A. Arantes | Member of the Board of Directors of ArteSol – Artesanato Solidário, Brazil
Translation by David Rodgers

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