Earthenware cooking dishes (Espírito Santo state)

The ceramic pan is the handicraft symbol for this state. The artisans living in Goiabeiras district, in the city of Vitoria, keep the tradition of producing the earthenware cooking dishes. The handicraft has indigenous and African origin roots. After being moulded, the pieces dry in the shadow and are heated. The following stage consists of painting the piece black with a small brush using a substance known as tannin. This substance is taken from the mangrove bark leaving the pans resistant and with its characteristic dark colour.

The craft of the female pot makers from Goiabeiras, in Espirito Santo State, was registered in the Book of Knowledge, in December 2002, by The National Institute of Historic and Artistic Heritage (IPHAN).

ArteSol worked with IPHAN with the process of safeguarding this intangible cultural heritage. The project “Apoio ao Plano de Salvaguarda do Ofício das Paneleiras”  begun in 2005 with the orientation for the group to improve the work organisation and production management.

ArteSol’s project also supported various workshops with the aim of organising the management of the association; promoting the concern with the environment and the workspace; enriching interpersonal relationship between the artisans, likewise contributing to its value as an intangible cultural heritage.

ArteSol contributed decisively to the safeguard of pot makers from Goiabeiras and the process of implementing the conditions of producing the earthenware cooking dishes.

Partnerships of the project:

Funding partner: IPHAN


By Antonio A. Arantes | Member of the Board of Directors of ArteSol – Artesanato Solidário, Brazil
Translation by David Rodgers

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